Co-op Starts Monday, Feb. 4

Several announcements for the start of co-op

Co-op starts at 8:45am. Please wear your name tags!

Teachers – Please make arrangements with your helpers and let Pam or me know if you will not be in class. If you have an emergency, then just call me and I’ll make the arrangements for you.

Schedule with rooms – There is a schedule posted on the website at momstop/Spring 2013 Co-op/Spring 2013 Class Schedule/Offerings. This pdf has teachers, helpers and room assignments. I will have a master copy of the schedule and class lists in the 3-ring binder at the co-op. If you need extra copies, you can print at home or make arrangements with Pam.

Spring Co-op Dates – Co-op is scheduled from Monday, February 4 – Monday, April 29. On Monday, April 8, there will be no co-op as there will be IBST testing that day.

DAYS OUT – I will have a SIGN-UP sheet for DAYS OUT this Monday at co-op. If you will miss co-op some this spring, please put it on this sheet. This is for all co-op families. This will help me make arrangements for helpers on those days with last minute emergencies! Even if you have already told me that you will miss days, please put your name and dates on the sheets.

Teacher Preparation for Monday Meeting


Please bring a syllabus or any announcements you may have for you class to Monday’s meeting. While a syllabus is not required, it’s nice to connect with the parents about expectations, particularly if you have homework requirements or other out of class expectations.

I will set-up the website so that you can post your weekly assignments for your class. You can also post your syllabus to the site or the entire semester’s assignments in one post.

If you have questions on how to post to Momstop, let me know.





Reminder – Monday Meeting Agenda

Here’s the agenda for Monday’s meeting. We will start promptly:) at 10:00am.

Spring 2013 Meeting Agenda

This meeting is for parents and children and should take about 1 hour.

This meeting is set for Monday, January 28, 2013.

  • Introduce Kathy, Pam and co-op coordinator (this could be you!)
  • Review of co-op guidelines and discipline procedures
  • Keeping track of items left at the church on co-op days
  • Discuss use of website for co-op
  • Introduce teachers and helpers
    • Teachers announce any information they have about their classes, such as supplies, expectations, etc
  • Fill out payment forms, pay or make payment arrangements
  • Distribute name tags

See you there.

Last Co-op on Monday

Please bring your lanyards and plan to turn them in on Monday.

There are several curriculum items that have been brought to the co-op as give-away items. Please look through the items this Monday. Anything not claimed will be donated to PCDC or other organization.



Teachers/Helpers for Spring – Expect to Be in Class More

We are adding more classes for the spring semester so that our class sizes will be smaller.

This means that more teachers/helpers are needed each hour.

Except for a very few instances, expect to teach 1 hour and help 1 hour this spring. As soon as I have teachers for PE and 2nd hour 7-8yo class, I will assign helpers. Exceptions are Tracy and Kim.

I will need to take a few people out of the nursery/toddler/preschool area each hour to help cover all the classes. Parents, you will likely only be in the nursery/toddler/preschool area one hour. Exceptions are Heather, Brandi, Julie, and Jamie.