Register for Fall Classes

  1. To register for classes, click on the registration form based on the child’s age.
  2. Type in the password to display the registration form. The password was distributed through the HEDGE loop.
  3. Complete the registration form. Click on the submit button to finalize the registration. If the registration is successful, the following message will display on the bottom of the “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.”

You need to submit a form for each child who will attend classes or nursery/preschool.

If you submit a registration and then decide to change classes, submit an entirely new registration form. The old form will not be deleted, so put a comment in the new form that says “I am updating my registration form for my child.”

We will try to keep class size forĀ Fall 2015 to a 10 student maximum. This means that your child may not get his first choice for a class. The administrator will contact you, if you need to choose a new class.

Please watch for details on the Hedge Loop

Still have questions? Please use the comment box below or email us privately!


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