Co-op Requirements

Statement of Purpose Provide educational group activities in a safe, loving, Christian environment.
Participation A student must be enrolled in classes for both hours of co-op. No “hanging out” on-campus.
A parent/guardian must attend co-op and remain at co-op while his/her child is at the co-op and must teach/help in at least 1 hour of classes each week.
A parent/guardian during his/her free time should remain on campus unless arrangements are made prior to leaving. DO not invite non-HEDGE members to meet with you at the church unless it is co-op related. The church has invited us to use their facilities for a co-op: educating HEDGE homeschool children. If Grandma is in town for the day, then of course, she’s welcome!
If your child decides to “quit” co-op before the semester ends, then the child should not be on campus. The parent/guardian must decide whether to fulfill his/her commitment to the other parents and students or to also quit the co-op.
See discipline guidelines on how to handle disruptive behavior in the classroom.
Conduct No profanity.
Students – No cell phones in class, no texting in class.
Conflict Please settle personally and privately. If this is a student/teacher matter, please include the student’s parent and the co-ordinator.
Dress code Wear co-op name tag. Skirts and shorts should be a minimum of knee-length. If you know that your clothing may offend someone, don’t wear it. A modest t-shirt with no graphics and modest jeans is acceptable. If this is a problem, please see the co-ordinator to make arrangements.
Dismissal from co-op 3 violations of co-op rules will result in family’s dismissal from co-op participation.